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Biogynostem 20 Tablets

Biogynostem 20 Tablets

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Food supplement based on plant extracts
20 tablets of 500 mg

BIOGYNOSTEM   is an innovative biodynamic supplement capable of providing the cellular energy cycle with nutrients that can be readily used by the cells, improving cellular performance by rebalancing carbohydrate and thermodynamic metabolism.

BIOGYNOSTEM   contains the active ingredients of  Gynostemma and Rhodiola , plants that have bidirectional activities, i.e., regulating and adaptogenic.

The constant use of the active ingredients contained in this compound has a balancing power for the body in a vast range of stressful circumstances and at the same time strengthens the adaptive capacity of the person at every level of his life.

Recent studies being validated show that the molecular substrates and active principles present in BIOGYNOSTEM are useful for improving the cellular enzymatic activities of sugar and mitochondrial metabolism.

BIOGYNOSTEM   is a valid adjuvant in states of particular overexcitation of a subject and stimulating when he is depressed. Clinically useful in the most disparate clinical-metabolic alterations, inflammatory processes of the respiratory system such as acute and chronic bronchitis, cough, excellent as a fluidifier.

Regulates the thermo-metabolic process of obese subjects finding indication in slimming programs and for bidirectional activity it is a valid adjuvant in lean subjects to gain weight and muscle mass in body builders and athletes.

It reduces cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

As an anti-stress it is also indicated in premature ejaculation and by exploiting its toning properties it is an excellent adjuvant in erectile dysfunction in males, it improves the quality and vitality of sperm.

Valid aid in strengthening the immune response, it is used in a wide variety of acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory states of soft tissues, organs and systems, in joint degenerative processes, intervening in the oxidative process with rapid reduction of free radicals that feed oxidative stress itself by raising the enzymatic activities of antioxidant processes (SOD. CAT. GSH) with a potentiating effect on the activity of monocytes which play a key role in the immune system, and which regulate the process of cellular mitosis with good control of abnormal cell proliferation.

BIOGYNOSTEM   favors the thermo-metabolic balance, the control of oxidative stress and prevents the accumulation of toxins.

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